Blog post image seo best practices

blog post image SEO best practices

     My self Mohammed in this blog post I will tell you how to SEO the blog post and also tell you how to SEO the image in the blog I have experience somewhere between 5 to 10 years in this field so that is why I have a great experience to our CEO of the email and also the SEO of a blog post in this post I will give you some of the tips do SEO of the blog post let me show you how

SEO tips for the blog post are as follows

    first of all, we should need to choose the best topic for our blog post the best topic might be relevant to health and other things that we going to discuss it has a great impact on the SEO of the image and the SEO of the blog post

Search on google what the people want from us

    after choosing the best liver we have to search some of the keywords that all of the people searching on Google, for example, I am going to discuss the AC of the blogger post so I search on Google and also mention some of the keywords as follow that a people asking a lot
  1. blog post seo
  2. blog post seo checklist
  3. blog post seo template
  4. blog post seo meta tag
  5. blog post seo writing
  6. blog seo post title
  7. guest post seo
  8. squarespace blog post seo
  9. create blog post seo
  10. blog post length for seo 2022

these are all of the topics that people ask from the US by searching on Google, again and again, the Google and comment answers make the topic on these searches so that is why I told you to first search on Google so that you may be find your bill what the people want it from you

for the SEO of the image, we need to click on the upload button of an image on blogger and then select the particular image and then open that into the Global post after that we need to click on the post the image that are we uploaded and after that even if you click on the photo we need to add the caption in the bottom and after that, we also click on the setting button and also put that text and Alt text that is why I this is the recommendation for the SEO of the image in the blogging post there are a lot of methods to SEO of the blogger post but there are only a simple a single method to SEO the image in a blog post that I I tell you bye
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